Far from Home but Close to the Bone

Thoughts from Terra Firma’s Rehearsed Reading

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to thank again the audience from our rehearsed reading of Terra Firma at the Etcetera earlier this year in February. I’ve just had my annual review for my PhD just moments ago, and the idea of development from the previous performance was fresh in my mind as we move onto the beginning of rehearsals for the fully fledged production.

Your feedback was valued greatly by us (including the fact that the actors should drink scotch to ease their “worries in a post apocalyptic world” – although I’m sure there are allowances for the writer to indulge in it!) and I’m very grateful to have such fine direction from Ryan Watson, especially with the development of the edited scenes (that shouldn’t spoil anything for people who haven’t seen it).

We would definitely welcome back the audience who have seen the rehearsed reading as of course new audience members. The script has been drafted again since then, so we hope you enjoy the show! We have a few tricks up our sleeve that we’ll be deploying, so don’t miss out!

Looking forward to seeing you there,


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