Far from Home but Close to the Bone

About Stars or Mars

stars-or-mars-logo2Stars or Mars Theatre’s ethos is to stage Science Fiction theatre in London – providing scenes of the near or far future.

However, these are not prophecies by any means. We don’t have funds for crystal balls – tea leaves would be better, but we much prefer drinking them. The act of speculative fiction or staging it is to provide artistic glimpses into what the world “could” be, rather than making predictions.

After all, we want to hear your voices of the future, alternate realities and alternate histories!

What Stars or Mars wishes to do, through the act of collaboration across disciplines, is to stage these impulses or ideas – taking into account the harmonies between Art and Science, between Geography, Sociology and Media Arts to create these worlds and stories.

Aims and Visions

  • To promote new writing from all backgrounds
  • To collaborate and collide the fields of Art, Science and Geography
  • To celebrate the benefits and beauty of Science Fiction Theatre and the unique capabilities that this medium can bring.

About the Founder of Stars or Mars

My research into Science Fiction Theatre has crossed these borders – from Doreen Massey’s concepts of space as “a sphere of possibilities” or “product of interrelations” (Geography) to Philip Auslander’s notions of liveness and mediatisation (Theatre/Media Arts) to Science Fiction as a genre study as just a tip of the iceberg. Using the idea of Samuel Delany’s SF as a product of “imagistic inmixing”, can we extrapolate this to “SF Theatre as staging protocol”? Can we devise a strategy of building from the novum or from an altered ritual as product of this envisaged world?

Even though SF has sometimes been accurate, it has always been about the narrative and the characters affected; how we view our world now and how we need to see change. It is not an exercise in epistemology, but an ontological one. It is always a journey and we want to bring as many people along on the way.

Susan Gray

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