Far from Home but Close to the Bone

SUM – 2014/5

UPDATE: SUM is back! We’re at the Camden Fringe at the Etcetera Theatre (Aug 28th-30th 2015).

Check out the details here.


starsormars“I can glimpse a hazy network of lines and bands that keep changing their positions. It’s almost as if the stars are tangled in a ghostly spider’s web. The whole network is beginning to glow – to pulse with light, exactly as if it were alive. And I suppose it is: or is it something as much beyond life as that is above the inorganic world?.” Arthur C Clarke, Childhood’s End

Hiveminds are becoming increasingly in vogue at the moment – and maybe the more specific question we should be asking is “what is happening in our world to make us think this” rather than simply “why”.

SUM depicts characters who have entered this contract to share these minds between them in a much more intimate way than the illusions that our social media now provide. They question concepts that we have accepted since time began – love, birth, war and loss – and still manage to find their own journeys despite the information that has been shared. Who is the pioneer of the technology? Who will use it for good (whatever that means in this reality), and who will use it to further their own ends? Should everyone be able to connect?

SUM is playing at The Bread and Roses theatre in Clapham from 27th-29th November and the 4th-5th December, 2014.

For more info on the play, click here.

Buy Tickets Here

Rehearsal Photos:

IMG_20141126_184255 IMG_20141126_184540 IMG_20141126_185406 IMG_20141126_185451


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