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So what do we have in the works at the moment?

There are so many avenues for collaboration and new writing – we’re chomping at the bit to get started and have the work rolling out on the conveyor belt here at Stars or Mars! However, reality kicks in and we have to plan accordingly. Here are some little tidbits for you in the mean time (think of it as a theatrical amuse-bouche) to whet your appetite with.

Here are some hints as to what we’re planning:

– A showcase of short SF plays (the first night is already being planned as we speak!)

– A collaboration between Futurists and Writers

– A night of SF themed monologues

– Staged readings of full length plays

You know what they say…

Watch this space!

If you want to register your interest and how you’d like to get involved, email us at starsormarstheatre@gmail.com.