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New Year’s Party and New Season!

New Year’s Day, Stars or Mars Time, was celebrated on the 9th May! As a fresh and excitable one year old, we reminisced over the past and made plans for the future over cocktails and crepes!

Stay tuned for more updates! The earliest plans are to update our media and social presence, as well as announce our new Summer Season!



On June 1st, 2015 at Hackney Attic, we have RESPAWN


Who knew immortality would be such a hard sell? In this new world, uploading consciousnesses has become a game changer. Everything we believed about time, personality and character is now under threat. In Respawn, we follow a set of characters who are dealing with their multitude of pasts and futures, as well as prejudices from the present. When you can live forever, can you really escape your past and reputation?

from http://www.remotegoat.com/uk/event/201301/respawn-the-play/

Our hashtag for the play is: #Respawn

Cuckoos and Chrysalides
 August 14th – 16th at the London Welsh Centre

Set in the near future, we follow the struggles of Caitlin, a woman who has preserved her children’s consciousnesses to be downloaded at a time where she feels ready. As the virtual space becomes cramped and contested, she must fight the system with her mother.

On the other side of reality lies the consciousness of an astronaut who was killed in her mission. Will she ever find her team? Will she manage to be brought back to life – and if so, at what cost?

Our hashtag for C+C: #cuckoostheplay

UMAugust 28th-30th at the Etcetera Theatre
sum front cover

Set in the far future, we follow the lives of six women who have become assimilated into the hivemind; changing the way we see birth, life, death and love. Who will benefit and who will suffer from this new technology? What would the reasons be for connecting and how far will the individual be compromised?

the play is back, following a run at the Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham last year. 

Our hashtag for SUM: #sumtheplay

Fringe Booking Details are coming soon! Thank you to the Hackney Attic and the Camden Fringe for supporting SF Theatre!

Thanks also go to BSFA  (British Science Fiction Association), who posted the news of our upcoming season here.

New Year, New Show!

CuckoosandChrysalidesIt’s already a month through 2015 and Stars or Mars are preparing for a new show!

We are proud to present the play Cuckoos and Chrysalides – out from April 7th-11th at the Bread and Roses Theatre, Clapham.

The Synopsis is as follows:

Cuckoos and Chrysalides depicts the story of a woman who is preserving her children to the time she feels right by uploading them.

Her mother is helping her against the social backlash as the space to upload is becoming contested by many sources.

Who will get the space and who is in control?

We’re really looking forward to this one!

The site will be up soon. In the mean time, if you’d like to be ahead of the pack, tickets are sold here.

To the Archives!

When I visited the Liverpool Archives of Science Fiction (which is co-incidentally, a fascinating resource, and would recommend those with a passion in the subject to visit it when you can), there were so many sources I wanted to look up – especially the Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool and Ken Campbell’s legacy. I also wanted to read Samuel Delany’s article “Flow My Tears…: Theater and Science Fiction”; in Issue #1, NYSF September 1988 in its entirety – I’ve seen it quoted in Staging the Impossible: The Fantastic Mode in Modern Drama, where the following quotation is used: 

…there are no closeups to convey the intricacy and coherence of detail that suggests the greater world outside the frame, the world beyond the proscenium. (p13)

However, it’s not all woe. This following statement from his article really echoes what theatre practitioners are doing (and have done) and that is using the medium to its strengths, rather than emulating film and television. We need production strategies specifically for genre theatre to get the best possible result:

When these problems are solved, the work will strike the knowledgeable as both more than SF and other than theatre – because the whole set of framing exceptional conventions will have to be largely adjusted…only then can a dramaturge really put his or her energy into them, the proper framing devices and imagistic modes in the pursuit of whatever scenic reality, that does not pull the material back into this old, old form. (p15)

Well said, Delany. We need to hold dialogues (which has been going on, but not nearly where it needs to be) on how this can be done, has been done, and will be done. 

I had the fortune to find transcripts and so on of SF theatre that has gone on before, with examples of how, in my opinion, it should and shouldn’t be done. Stay tuned!